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Sad Francisco

Jun 24, 2024

Kevin L. Jones from Doomloop Dispatch–"the podcast about the worst parts of the San Francisco Bay Area" reached out! Him and Toshio speak on the ongoing death of traditional corporate news, plus background on the origins of Sad Francisco. 

Doomloop Dispatch is on all the podcast platforms, plus Twitter and 

Jun 17, 2024

Get to know the gay Zionist Burner Manny Yekutiel, of Manny's cafe in the Mission, and why groups like Gay Shame and Queers Undermining Israeli Terrorism (QUIT!) have been boycotting Manny's since 2018.

HALA Collective 

BAD (Bay Area Drag) Fund 

"Progressive coalition boycotts ‘woke-washing’ of San...

Jun 10, 2024

For our first live show taping in May, Jemma DeCristo, LaVelle Ridley, and Mama Ganuush spoke brilliantly on Trans Black-Palestinian Solidarity amidst the ongoing genocide in Palestine. Naturally, given the topic, things got emotional.

Thanks to everyone who made the night possible!

Jemma Decristo currently holds the...

Jun 3, 2024

LEFT IN THE BAY exposes histories of the Bay Area that explain how we got our ideological reputation. Two from the collective, Matt Ray and Matt Wranovics, speak on their recent piece covering the Bay's protests in the 1980s against South African apartheid, and some lessons to genocide in Palestine.

"They're watching...