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Sad Francisco

Jul 6, 2023

How are landlords using tech to refine evictions, surveillance, and speculation? Erin McElroy of The Anti-Eviction Mapping Project tracks the new brainchildren of the real estate and tech industries.

Anti-Eviction Mapping Project: | Landlord Tech Watch: | Anti-Eviction Lab: | Counterpoints: A San Francisco Bay Area Atlas of Displacement & Resistance: | "Prison Tech Comes Home" by Erin McElroy, Meredith Whittaker and Nicole E. Weber for Public Books: | "Access Denied: Faulty Automated Background Checks Freeze Out Renters" by Lauren Kirchner and Matthew Goldstein for The Markup: | "Why Zillow Couldn't Make Algorithmic House Pricing Work" by Chris Stokel-Walker for Wired: |