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Sad Francisco

Feb 24, 2023

Susan Stryker is an historian who uncovered one of the first modern rebellions against police violence by trans/queer people. In 1967, the Tenderloin's Compton's Cafeteria was a site of resistance against state violence, but today its space arm of the prison industrial complex owned by one of the largest private prison corporations in the world, Geo Group.

- At the Crossroads of Turk and Taylor: Resisting Carceral Power in San Francisco’s Tenderloin, by Susan Stryker for Places Journal:

- Screaming Queens (Susan Stryker and Victor Silverman):

- Forever's Gonna Start Tonight (Vicki Marlane film by Michelle Lawler, produced by Kim Klausner and Susan Stryker):

- Cyrus J. O’Brien’s “’A Prison in Your Community’: Halfway Houses and the Melding of Treatment and Control” in the Journal of American History