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Sad Francisco

Dec 16, 2022

Meet the YIMBYs: Fake-grassroots, "pro-housing activists" who swear that building more luxury condos will trickle down to the rest of us, and solve the housing unaffordability crisis.
Backed by tech titans, corporate landlords, and Barack Obama, YIMBYs are trying so hard to make over the real estate industry's predatory image. And a lot of people are buying what they're selling.

Culturally critical visitor Christen Cioffi (Instagram | Twitter) states facts from a backyard somewhere behind the liberal front.

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Show notes

The Techies Hawking Free Market “Solutions” to the Nation’s Housing Crisis, Toshio Meronek in In These Times

YIMBYs: the Alt-Right Darlings of the Real Estate Industry, Toshio and Andrew Szeto in Truthout


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