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In this episode of Money Matters, host Chris Hensley interviews Christine Simone, the co-founder and CEO of Caribou, a software solution that simplifies healthcare planning for retirees. Christine shares her background in healthcare and discusses the importance of incorporating healthcare costs into retirement planning. 

The episode emphasizes the importance of healthcare planning in retirement and highlights the lack of incentives within the healthcare system to help individuals save money on healthcare costs. Caribou aims to provide clarity and confidence in healthcare decision-making by breaking down the incentive structure of the insurance industry and offering objective solutions. The episode also discusses the complexities and misconceptions surrounding Medicare, the healthcare gap between retirement and Medicare eligibility, and important considerations for advisors and retirees regarding healthcare options. The company has developed software that provides data-driven insights for advisory firms and has received funding for growth. The episode concludes with information on where to find more information about the speaker and their company's healthcare planning services.

[00:01:10] A forgotten area in planning.

[00:03:35] Americans' knowledge gap on insurance.

[00:07:25] Retiring early and healthcare.

[00:12:08] Tips for retirees' healthcare costs.

[00:16:30] Life events and reevaluating healthcare costs.

[00:17:20] Funding and growth trajectory.

[00:21:34] Health care planning success stories.

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