MONEY MATTERS with Christopher Hensley

So you decided to quit your square job and follow your dreams. Now its time to pay the rent. What roadblocks does one face putting together a budget when you are self-employed or an independent contractor. During the first part of the show we discussed tips for budgeting if you are self employed or have irregular income coming in.

After the break we were joined by Comedian, Actor and Author Dan Nainan. ( )

Dan has shared his comedy in front of many different venues across the country. Dan even performed in front of President Obama at a presidential gala. To see President Obama call Dan "F-ing Hilarious" Click here: 

We discussed Dan's transformation from Senior Engineer at Intel to a successful stand up comedian. We discussed his experience on Last Comic Standing and his new book :  The Best Book on How To Become A Full-time Stand-up Comedian

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