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Think you know everything about your husband or wife? There’s a 40 percent chance you don’t even know how much they make. And there’s more than a 5 percent chance they’re hiding money from you.

On this week show we spoke with author John Stirling Kinross about his new book How to Bullet Proof Your Marriage or How Your Husband Screws You In Divorce. This book is a guide to financial equality in a marriage and teaches women how to be confident in merging finances with her spouse, as well as, navigating those joint finances in a responsible and educated way.

John Stirling Kinross is not only an accomplished author, he’s the financial consultant that women, married or single, need on their side. With his extensive experience as a Forensic Accountant, and 20 years of testifying in divorce court under his belt, John Stirling Kinross is a great resource for helping women become financially proactive.


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