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Ira Shapiro places the Senate at “ground zero for America’s political dysfunction”--the institution that has failed the longest and the worst.

In Broken, Ira Shapiro, a former senior Senate staffer and author of the critically-acclaimed book The Last Great Senate, offers an expert’s account of some of the most prominent battles of the past decade and lays out what must be done to restore the Senate’s lost luster. With a narrative that runs right through the first year of the Trump presidency, Broken will be essential reading for all concerned about the state of American politics and the future of our country.

Ira Shapiro’s career spans 40+ years and includes serving as ambassador under President Bill Clinton, founding a consulting firm specializing in international trade, and practicing international trade law in several major law firms. He also served in high-level positions for several United States senators and committees for 12 years.

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