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In this insightful episode of Money Matters, we had the pleasure of hosting Steve Hamoen, the passionate entrepreneur and podcast host of "Money Mindset and Mentoring." Steve shared his diverse experiences, from overcoming significant business challenges to excelling in real estate and mentoring others towards success.

Key highlights of the conversation include:

  • Steve's personal journey from starting an HVAC business in 2005 to transitioning into real estate after facing financial hurdles.
  • The critical role mentorship played in his career, providing clarity, speed, and stability.
  • The importance of having a robust support system and actionable strategies in entrepreneurial ventures.
  • Steve's unique approach to entrepreneurship, emphasizing the need for integrity and a strong work ethic.
  • An inspiring story from his podcast about an immigrant entrepreneur creating a successful housing business for newcomers in Canada.
  • Steve's perspective on bootstrapping versus funding for startups, emphasizing the importance of having established systems before seeking significant financial investment.

Steve's insights are not only reflective of his personal growth but also serve as valuable lessons for aspiring entrepreneurs. His emphasis on mentorship, resilience in the face of adversity, and strategic business planning resonates throughout the discussion, offering actionable advice for listeners.

You can find out more about Steve at:

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