MONEY MATTERS with Christopher Hensley

In this engaging episode of Money Matters, Christopher Hensley dives into a morning discussion with Ascend AI Solutions' Mark Anderson and Jnr Asher, straight from Australia. They explore the pivotal role of AI in redefining financial planning and business efficiency across global time zones.

Unveiling the journey of Ascend AI since the ChatGPT era, the dialogue illuminates AI's potential in digital marketing and beyond, offering a peek into the future of AI-driven business solutions and strategies for seamless integration into existing processes.

00:00 - Introduction to Ascend AI Solutions and Guests

03:45 - The Genesis of Ascend AI Post-ChatGPT

08:30 - Leveraging AI for Business Efficiency and Digital Marketing 

15:20 - The Incremental Adoption of AI in Business 

22:10 - Innovative AI Technologies and Solutions for Tax Compliance

29:00 - The Future of AI in Business Operations and Client Engagement

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