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Feeling financially tapped, emotionally trapped? Do you feel the heat rise in you every time you pay bills or feel the aggravation of watching a loved one waste money? Is your money nerve pinched? 

We were joined today by CPA and author, Bob Wheeler. We discussed the The emotional side of money, the suffering artist syndrome and his experiences as the CFO of the Comedy Store, George Carlin and how comedians handle money. 

Bob Wheeler is a CPA with over twenty-five years of experience. His world travels led him to all points on the globe, especially those at high altitudes. He has climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro in Africa and arrived at the Base Camp Everest in Nepal, as well as several smaller mountains in between. With warmth and humor, his experiences on the road, in the office, or in a Grecian marathon feed his wit as a stand-up comic. Bob grew up in Clarksville, Tennessee, and graduated from Rhodes College. He now lives in Santa Monica, California, where he owns an accounting firm and serves as the CFO of The Comedy Store..  


Click here to see the letter from George Carlin I mentioned on the the Show 


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The Money Nerve: Navigating the Emotions of Money



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