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People Property Place

Welcome to People Property Place.

The People Property Place podcast is a creative outlet to share the stories of the movers, shakers, and innovators in the Real Estate Industry, that until now only a few people have had access to.

Feb 16, 2023

TSP is a vertically integrated Real Estate Investment Company with an award-winning property management capability.
Their mission is to build an investment business that remains relevant to its time and place. One that chooses rehabilitation over ruin. Partnerships over rivalries. Responsibility over excuses.
Zac studied Politics at Nottingham University before joining Goldman Sachs as a Graduate. Since leaving Goldman he has gone on to set up multiple real estate ventures.
I sat down with Zac to discuss a broad range of subjects which covered some of the following topics:
  • How he got into real estate
  • Family > work
  • View on the market
  • Becoming B-Corp
  • Lessons in building a team
  • Vision for the future
  • Oh and one last question - who are the People, what Property, and in which Place Zac would invest should he have £500m of equity at his disposal.
Catch the full episode which will be live on Spotify and Apple from Thursday this week.
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