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The Closing Show Live

Feb 23, 2023

Did you know the biggest thing standing in the way between you and the sale is actually mindset?

Michael Hanson
, Founder and CEO of Growth Genie, is going to share how to toss that ego out the door, start focusing on curiosity over desire, and building relationships vs. booking meetings.

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Feb 17, 2023

Amelia was a seller, now a marketer at Regie.

Nadia is the VP of Marketing at Proposify, marketing to sellers.

They confess what they learned working with the “other side”.

What’s different, what’s the same, but most importantly how do you create the sales and marketing magic?!

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Feb 11, 2023

Are you speaking to your customers?

And… are you actually understanding them?

Katelyn Bourgoin, "The Customer Whisperer" and Founder of Customer Camp, joins us in this episode of The Closing Show Live.

We break down how to get reeeeally close to your customer (not in an awkward way), so you and your team can win!


Feb 6, 2023

There are lots of playbooks on how to make a good outbound call.

In this episode, we get down to business with Tom Slocum and uncovering 5 ways to perfect your call!

We also review some calls... live.

The Closing Show Live is hosted by Nadia Milani, VP of Marketing at