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The Closing Show Live

Jan 12, 2023

Rev ops, sales ops, marketing ops, oh my!

What better way to kick off the year in high gear, than by pulling all the ops stops?

Join Rosalyn Santa Elena, Adam Pelley, and Colin Tanner as they share all their ops secrets. Like how to track the right revenue metrics, build a machine for growth, and how to build an ops team that makes sense for your company right now.

Some other things you'll learn:

  • how ops teams are structured and why
  • how to know if you’re underinvesting in operations and things are broken
  • how to measure the ROI of operations initiatives and communicate to leadership
  • at what stage it makes sense to implement a revenue operations function and where revops should report to

The Closing Show Live is hosted by Nadia Milani, VP of Marketing at Proposify.