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Welcome to "Wake up podcast with Viv Trader"!

Viv is a curious person with the desire to embrace different opinions and expertise. Her focus is health, well-being, environmental and political. She holds a non-judgmental approach, and she is objective. 

Her approach is that in order for us to create change and push boundaries we need to consider all possible angles; a wider range of influences and opinions are needed. She thinks this is especially true for tasks which involve creative problem solving, innovation and collaboration. Viv's ambition is to raise your awareness and contribute to a better world. 

She is also the founder of Vivalicious Food which produces an innovative vegan baby food with added omega-3 from an algae oil (



Dec 29, 2023

What are E.T's are they real? 

AND does life exist after our life here on Earth? 

In 1980 we were 4 billions people on the planet and now 2023 we are over 8 billions of people.

How does that make an impact on mother earth, our lives, the environemnt and our overall well-being? Are we human beings close to collapsing our...

Dec 20, 2023

In this episode we are talking about "Insecure attachment" and how we human beings are all affected by this feeling weather you had a great childhood or not. None of us can escape feelings of insecurity in realationships and why do we all suffer jealousy more or less. What is the root?

I am Susan Anderson,...

Dec 18, 2023

Can using aromatherapy oils every night help improve memory?

Being regularly exposed to multiple scents—or olfactory enrichment—has shown promise in enhancing cognitive abilities in older adults.
A new study found that using aromatherapy essential oils such as lavender and rose nightly boosted word recall by 226%...

Nov 30, 2023

Early Years
Born Emanuel Swedberg in Stockholm, Sweden, on January 29, 1688, he was the second son of Jesper Swedberg, a pastor in Sweden’s Lutheran state church. At the age of eleven Emanuel entered the University of Uppsala, where his father was a professor. Although Jesper left the university to become bishop of...

Nov 17, 2023

Eating disorders - What Does the Mando Method Mean for Independent Recovery? 

With Michael Leon, Ph.D,  Professor Emeritus, Neurobiology and Behavior, School of Biological Sciences

There is evidence that the Mando method, a treatment which focuses on normalising eating behaviours, works better than CBT for eating...