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Welcome to "Wake up podcast with Viv Trader"!

Viv is a curious person with the desire to embrace different opinions and expertise. Her focus is health, well-being, environmental and political. She holds a non-judgmental approach, and she is objective. 

Her approach is that in order for us to create change and push boundaries we need to consider all possible angles; a wider range of influences and opinions are needed. She thinks this is especially true for tasks which involve creative problem solving, innovation and collaboration. Viv's ambition is to raise your awareness and contribute to a better world. 

She is also the founder of Vivalicious Food which produces an innovative vegan baby food with added omega-3 from an algae oil (



Jan 24, 2023


Peter's 50-year professional journey to becoming a naturopathic doctor, clinical nutritionist, and specialist in functional medicine and healthy aging began with his studies in natural medicine and herbal medicine in the USA and Canada in the 1970s. After that, he pursued naturopathic studies in Germany at...

Jan 23, 2023

Dr Margaret Ashwell has viewed the relationship between food and health from all sides. She has been a Senior Research Scientist with the Medical Research Council, Principal of the Good Housekeeping Institute, and Science Director of the British Nutrition Foundation. She served on the UK Government’s Food Advisory...

Jan 12, 2023

Eva-Lotta Hultén är författare och frilansjournalist med kultur och samhällsfrågor som främsta bevakningsområden.  Mycket av det hon skriver är åsiktsdrivet men hon gör också en hel del ”vanligt” journalistiskt material. Skola, miljö (främst skogsfrågor och matproduktion), jämställdhet,...