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Welcome to "Wake up podcast with Viv Trader"!

Viv is a curious person with the desire to embrace different opinions and expertise. Her focus is health, well-being, environmental and political. She holds a non-judgmental approach, and she is objective. 

Her approach is that in order for us to create change and push boundaries we need to consider all possible angles; a wider range of influences and opinions are needed. She thinks this is especially true for tasks which involve creative problem solving, innovation and collaboration. Viv's ambition is to raise your awareness and contribute to a better world. 

She is also the founder of Vivalicious Food which produces an innovative vegan baby food with added omega-3 from an algae oil (



Jun 27, 2023

Azim Jamal The Corporate Sufi Motivational Speaker Executive Coach Bestselling Author 
Azim Jamal is the founder of Corporate Sufi Worldwide Inc., a company dedicated to inspiring leaders at all levels to achieve material success, blended with a deep sense of purpose, passion and happiness. He calls this the synergy of...

Jun 18, 2023

Anthony Kaveh MD
Dr. Kaveh is a Silicon Valley engineer turned doctor, training at Stanford, Harvard, UCLA, and Berkeley. He educates on social media, with over 400,000 followers and directs Harmony Infusion Therapy Clinics.

He shares the untold story of incredible human potential revealed once we lose our memories...

Jun 15, 2023

Steven Washington

Steven is a Movement Master, Author, and Recovery Advocate who is passionate about helping others navigate towards a happier, healthier life. His lifelong love and a key foundation to his own spiritual fitness is 'movement' ​and he firmly believes our relationship with our body is vital for...

Jun 14, 2023

Dr. Elisa Song's word:

Why did I start Healthy Kids, Happy Kids?

Because I’ve been there just like you – I’ve worried when my kids are sick. And when they are well, I want to know that I am doing everything I can to help them thrive.
Because I want you to feel empowered that you know how to integrate the best that...