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Welcome to "Wake up podcast with Viv Trader"!

Viv is a curious person with the desire to embrace different opinions and expertise. Her focus is health, well-being, environmental and political. She holds a non-judgmental approach, and she is objective. 

Her approach is that in order for us to create change and push boundaries we need to consider all possible angles; a wider range of influences and opinions are needed. She thinks this is especially true for tasks which involve creative problem solving, innovation and collaboration. Viv's ambition is to raise your awareness and contribute to a better world. 

She is also the founder of Vivalicious Food which produces an innovative vegan baby food with added omega-3 from an algae oil (



Feb 10, 2024

The story of happy money
Ken was 29 when he first “retired” to welcome his newborn daughter in the world. At the time, he thought he was “done” with work. He had owned a successful consultant and accounting business, so successful it had allowed him to close up shop and spend his days with the apple of his eye....

Feb 9, 2024

Dr. Nicole Avena 
Dr. Nicole Avena is a research neuroscientist and a pioneer in the field of food addiction.
Her seminal research work jump-started a new field of exploration in medicine and nutrition.
She is an expert in diet during pregnancy and baby, toddler...

Feb 6, 2024

Zarah är expert på Kurera och skriver för ett stort antal av Sveriges Magasin. Hon arbetar som naturläkare, näringsterapeut, örtterapeut, hälsopedagog, kostrådgivare och är utbildad medicin- och hälsojournalist. Zarah driver en funktionsmedicinsk klinik och tar även emot för rådgivning via telefon eller...