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What if you could hang out with eCommerce experts at Salesforce, as well as our customers and partners, ask them about their experiences and be inspired by innovative ideas and live use cases; then take an insight or two to guide your own Commerce Cloud journey? Hosted by Natalija Pavic ––Innovation Leader on the Business Strategy & Growth team at Salesforce Commerce Cloud. –– every episode is a deep dive into topics that will impact your digital business from new trends like metaverse and NFTs to the evolution of the online customer experience and its impact. We hope to expand your mind with solutions available today and explore their impact on the future. Our goal is to give inspire you with ideas, solutions, and visions of the future in eCommerce.

May 1, 2024

Have you ever wondered how the digital marketplace keeps up with the lightning-fast changes in consumer behavior? Join us as we sit down with Olga Kostina of Adyen to discuss the future of composable payments and their seamless integration with Salesforce Commerce Cloud. With Olga steering the conversation from her telecom roots to the heart of fintech, we uncover how the mobile e-commerce explosion during the pandemic has transformed the payment landscape. We also dive into the Adyen formula, revealing the company's dedication to innovation and customer satisfaction and how they're constructing scalable payment solutions that can adapt to the ever-shifting desires of shoppers.

Transitioning from the big picture to actionable tactics, we lay out the revolutionary payment integration solutions Adyen offers for merchants on Salesforce, simplifying global payment acceptance. Hear firsthand about the unprecedented flexibility Adyen’s Composable Storefront solution provides for brands to customize their payment experiences and how e-commerce accelerators are slashing the timeline for brands to make their mark online. 

Show Highlights:

  • The shift to mobile e-commerce and Adyen's approach to innovation and customer care.

  • Adyen's pre-built payment integration solutions for global expansion on Salesforce platforms.

  • Exploration of e-commerce accelerators and cost-saving strategies for brands adopting Composable Commerce.

  • Details on Adyen's unique offerings for Composable Storefronts, including flexibility and control over payment experiences.

  • How brands can integrate Adyen payments, with options for tech-savvy brands and those preferring third-party service providers.

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