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Tripping on Legends

Jun 19, 2017

In preparation for their summer trip, Natalie Crist and Christopher Balzano look into the origins of the Pukwudgie legend. Now one of the most popular figures in the supernatural world, Balzano goes into his early research into the legend and how it came to grow and become what it is today. They explore some of the...

Jun 9, 2017

As the temperature rises and the kids run out of school, Natalie Crist and Christopher Balzano sit down to discuss potential sites for their upcoming road trip. The Trippers discuss several sites in Tennessee and North Carolina, including a Lover's Leap legend, Old Green Eyes, and the Devil's Trampling ground. They move...

Jun 8, 2017

It's back to the Singing River...this time with a brood of kids in toe. Natalie Crist and Christopher Balzano talk about a day spent with their five kids at several sites along the Manatee looking for the voices of the Singing River.

They also make a detour to Manasota where they teach the kids about grave markings and...

Jun 1, 2017

The trip is over, and Natalie Crist and Christopher Balzano discuss their experiences on the Singing River. They go over their journey to Indian Springs, Manatee Historical Village (kinda), the ruins of Braden Castle, Rocky Bluff, and several random spots on the Manatee River.

Check out the background of the legend: