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Tripping on Legends

Mar 23, 2022

A folklorist, a witch, and a seeker walk into the woods. There’s no punchline, it’s just the beginning of an odd journey and an unusual episode of Tripping on Legends…

...and there’s not better topic for a weird episode of weird than the fungi that may just rule the world. There are plenty of jokes to be said about taking mushroom and experiencing the paranormal, but there might actually be a stronger connection to fungi and ghosts than first thought.

It began as a way to bring two friends who share a common interest together, but the rabbit hole became much more than that. Join Christopher Balzano as he explores the woods of Florida with two woman who approach their search for mushrooms in different ways but find they agree on almost everything. He’ll approach the topic from a folklorist (and the English teacher side) while they’ll get into the science and the herbalist and witch’s perspective. Along the way, they’ll tackle the effects on the world, the value of mushroom on health and spirituality, and the benefit of that other kind of tripping.

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