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Tripping on Legends

May 3, 2020

Who knew there was so many ghosts inside your house?

With travel plans and moving about cancelled, Tripping on Legends would be stuck in neutral if it weren’t for the modern age and the children of the world and their wacky ways. Legend tripping and urban legends have gone digital and plays themselves out over our kids’ computers and imaginations.

Join Christopher and Ella Balzano as they explore several of the creepiest home hauntings that are all the rage with kids these days. Drawn from the Web and books like Dangerous Games to Play in the Dark by Lucia Peters ( and see how many you would actually attempt.

From Charlie Charlie and Three Kings to One Man Hide and Seek and Momo, what are these kids playing… …and would you dare to do them yourself?

Feel free to call our new phone number during our live shows to get involved, share a legend you’ve heard, or to just ask a question at (813) 418-6822.

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