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Tripping on Legends

Jun 23, 2021

It was another odd example of #followthesigns, but as I was working on material for Haunted Ocala and Boogeyman: The Murders and Myth of Gerard John Schaefer, I realized Episode 18 of Tripping on Legends: Whispers and Screams from Shiloh, was missing. I listened and found it had so much to do with those two projects and much of what TOL was and became; a real crossroads in the show.

So, I’m reposting it, knowing most will be allowed to listen to it for the first time. It’s a classic and the show at its best. The Tripping on Legends Road Trip 2017 has finally actually hit the road...although the first stop is in Florida.

The Trippers make a quick pit stop in Sanford, Florida, to visit the cemetery behind the cemetery. Shiloh Cemetery is known for an urban legend of a serial killer victim with beautiful hair but no face. There might be something else there with her though as a man with a like (or a distaste) for females starts to come through loud and clear.

Listen to Episode 17...Trips, Triangles, and North Carolina Folklore

Listen to the unedited evidence and see if you can hear your own whispers and screams from our episode Evidence from Shiloh Cemetery in Sanford, Florida

And visit our travel log with all the relevant information and moments from Shiloh

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