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Tripping on Legends

Jan 17, 2022

They’re your typical kids. They like to run around and pull pranks and dance when the time is right. They play jump frog and sneak out of bounds when they can and just love to play hide and seek. The only difference is they have been dead for almost fifty-five years.

Travel back to Cursed Arcadia and walk back into Oak Ridge Cemetery with the Trippers. This time, they focus on the Richardson Children, murdered in the 1960s and the games they play. It’s a case of dark history, murder, and racial injustice. It’s also one of those ghostly legends that is so close to the truth it will make you cry and feel hope at the same time. We’ve spoken about it before, but it will be our chance to talk about ghost children and the morality of using games during a legend trip.

Explore some of the details of one of our first ever legend trips back in the day when we looked at the legend of the Talking Mary statue and the ghosts of the RAFs in Oak Ridge:

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