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Tripping on Legends

Mar 1, 2020

Beside an orange grove in the middle of nowhere lies a once forgotten cemetery. Inside are buried three children with no official records, no past, but a story that has been told the last fifty years in a town steeped in oddness and rich in haunted history…and sometimes the children can’t help but speak up.

Christopher Balzano and Deanna Mulhern travel to Arcadia, Florida, in search of a ghostly legend centered around the spirits of children said to be the victims of a curse almost a hundred years old. After discussing some of the details of the case, the Trippers hit the round and then talk about what they found as the sun set on Coker Cemetery and why these kids might never find peace.

Listen to Balzano discuss the details of the case here:

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And the episode where we just released the raw audio of Mary:

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