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At first you'd be forgiven for thinking that this week's interviewee Ashley Bening lives a charmed life...but it becomes clear that she has worked tooth and nail to reach this place. We caught up with Ashley at the Gitana del Mar ( ecolodge on the Colombian Caribbean coast at Buritaca to find out how this San Franciscan ended up teaching yoga with unrivalled views over the turquoise Caribbean, palms shifting in balmy winds and basically living the dream.

In episode 148 we learn about health and wellness and how Ashley became an expert in the field and what she does back in East Palo Alto with the long-suffering children of that area. Applying what she learnt on the job she has brought her positivity to Colombia and will be spending time in Buritaca, Cali and even Bogota.

So, if you are interested in yoga and it's healing qualities, something Colombia needs in gallons right now, then tune in to hear a heart-warming story of altruism and positivity.

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