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As an architect, Juan Rincon sees a fair share of interesting buildings and this is how the Feria del Millon came about. Asked to design loft-style flats in an abandoned factory in southwestern Bogotá, he advised his client on something different, a space for artists and their work...and hence the Feria del Millon was born.

Once a year (29-31 Oct 2016) the Feria del Millon is a space for some 50 artists to showcase their work and sell each item for around about the One Million Peso mark, roughly US$350. Each artist must submit an application which is scrutinized by art experts around the world before being accepted.

This Feria has been groundbreaking in that it has started a process of inclusion for this working class barrio of Puente Aranda into the psyche and imagination of the rest of the city and has made quality art accessible to everyone not just collectors and art critics.

Tune in to listen to Juan Rincon talking with a passion for what he is doing by taking the Bogotá art world by the scruff of its neck and shaking things up. Check out the website:

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