Colombia Calling - The English Voice in Colombia

This week we get some amusing air time with Brendan Corrigan, author of the blog, Wrong Way Corrigan and host of the increasingly popular, IQuiz - Bogotá Pub Quiz. Read his hilarious entries and personal experiences and scrapes on Colombia's largest national daily newspaper El Tiempo as well as on Fb (

When he's not busy defending himself from the onslaught of trolls taking offense with his excellent and to the bone descriptions of life in Colombia and the idiosyncracies found here, he can be found travelling to far off parts of his adopted homeland or auditioning for parts as an extra in TV shows and commercials.

Did you watch Netflix's incredibly successful series, "Narcos"? If so, cast your mind back to Series 2 and a scene where a phone call received by a worker in the German Embassy from one other than Pablo Escobar....yes, Corrigan was that German!

So, tune in to hear an excellent take on life in Bogotá and Colombia from a seasoned and engaging journalist. And if you are in Bogotá on the last thursday of the month, check out the Pub Quiz.

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