Colombia Calling - The English Voice in Colombia

After a brief holiday period away, I am happy to announce that the Colombia Calling podcast is refreshed and back on the airwaves and thrilled to have special guest Emma Louise Jay on the line from Las Palmas, Antioquia, talking about her unique Colombia experience. 

Imagine being bought a flight to a strange and far-off land by a stranger - no strings attached? Well, this happened to Emma back in 2011 and now, she calls Colombia home. Was she, as she suggests in her blog born in the wrong country? So, hailing from the town which gave the world Radiohead, she now prefers a buñuelos to crumpets and is a researcher at a prestigious university in Medellin. 

Want to find out more about Emma and her adventures in Colombia, well you'll have to tune in to this engaging and philosophical episode No242.

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