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How much do you know about the plantations and the medical cannabis industry in Colombia? If you're like me, very little at all, so it is with great pleasure that on Ep246 of the Colombia Calling podcast, we sit down with British journalist Mat Youkee, the brains behind the "Colombia Cannabis Investor,"( and learn more about this unknown economic driver. 

With Youkee, we learn about the regulatory confusions surrounding this cash crop, the local growing conditions in Colombia for Cannabis and the issues of security and and community relations. 

Mat Youkee is a freelance journalist and analyst covering Latin America and the Caribbean from his base in Bogotá, Colombia. An emerging markets reporter since 2007 his regular work maintains a strong business and economics focus and he travels regularly across the continent to write in-depth analyses of sectors including extractive industries, finance, agriculture and healthcare.

So tune in!

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