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As a student of ethnonationalism and cultural identity originally from Arizona, Shenandoah Cornish has moved her life to Minca in Colombia's Sierra Nevada and is working to create a Centro de Memoria de la Sierra so that people from Minca can recognize and value their past. Offering guided tours of a museum she has set up with her boyfriend in the Casa Balaguera in Minca, Shenandoah and her team can provide you with a background to the indigenous importance of the region, the roles that the paramilitary groups and guerrillas have played and even has a tale about a Nazi settler to the region post WWII. 

Creating what is believed to be a "family photo album," for the people of Minca, Shenandoah has immersed herself in the local culture and stresses the importance of non geopolitical identities when discussing a country like Colombia. 

Tune in for a fascinating conversation from the highlands of Minca above the city of Santa Marta connected to us here in the capital of Colombia, Bogotá.

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