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Colombia's Truth Commission was formerly inaugurated in 2018 and has a great deal of issues to deal with, the remit includes most of the following topics: To shed light on the conflict and offer a wide-ranging explanation of its complexity. To promote and contribute to recognition of victims of conflict; voluntary recognition of individual and collective responsibility by those involved both directly and indirectly in the conflict; and recognition by society as a whole that conflict should be both rejected and never repeated. To promote coexistence in the affected areas as a guarantee of non-repetition.

So, it is a great honour and pleasure to host Colombia-expert Michael Evans, Director of the Colombia Project at the National Security Archives in Washington DC ( and to listen him talk about the importance of a robust and focused Truth Commission in Colombia. 

Evans brings a wealth of knowledge to this episode of the Colombia Calling podcast and talks about experiences in Guatemala and his publication, "The Chiquita Papers," about the Chiquita company's involvement in paying off armed groups in Colombia. 

Tune in for an informed and informative discussion about some of the challenges facing Colombia.

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