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Mark Litwicki has lived a colourful and varied life and has been a journalist, an academic, an actor and indeed, an author. One constant in his life appears to be his love for Colombia. So, it is a great pleasure to have this Chicago-native on the Colombia Calling podcast this week. 

Litwicki tells us about his arrival in Bogotá all those years ago and how he fell into an old school reporting job for the Colombian Post newspaper. The book, Bogotano Por Accidente, is a loose autobiography of his time in Bogotá during this period, the scrapes, misadventures and of course, cultural observations. 

Interestingly, Litwicki felt that his book would not work in his native English language and opted to write it in Spanish. Get the book at all good stores in Bogotá and of course, tune in to this podcast.

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