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What is your dream? To make a change in this world? It sounds unrealistic, but we all possess an ability to open minds, learn from one another and to help. This is what Maud Madlyn and her partner Andres Montes Zuluaga have been doing with their Casa Nomada and Defiant Reality - Theatre for Change foundation. 

In choosing to locate themselves in the coastal town of Tolu in the department of Sucre on the Caribbean coast, Maud and Andres found a place where the culture existed but needed a little help in coaxing it out. So, in broadcasting movies in the street just like Cinema Paradiso, organizing musical workshops and theatre groups, Maud and Andres created an open space for dialogue, humour, reflection and joie de vivre. 

So, we reflect with Maud on the project in Tolu and now, they plan to move on to the Pacific coast to the port city of Buenaventura. In going against the grain, there will undoubtedly be challenges ahead, but Maud and Andres are set in their way and we hope to be able to discuss their Buenaventura experience here once it comes to an end.

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