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It is a great pleasure to welcome seasoned conflict correspondent Toby Muse on to the Colombia Calling podcast this week to talk about his new book, "Kilo: Inside the Deadliest Cocaine Cartels―from the Jungles to the Streets."

Muse takes us on a literary journey through each level of the cocaine underworld which is fueled by the appetite for the drug in America and Europe. In his book, he shows the reader inside Colombia’s notorious drug cartels to offer a never before look at the drug trade.

Following a kilo of cocaine from its production in a clandestine laboratory to the smugglers who ship it abroad, he reveals the human lives behind the drug’s complicated legacy.

Reporting on Colombia for the world’s most prestigious networks and publications, Muse gained unprecedented access to the extraordinary people who survive on the drug trade—farmers, smugglers, assassins—and the drug lords and their lovers controlling these multi-billion dollar enterprises. Uncovering stories of violence, sex, and money, he shows the allure and the madness of cocaine.

We discuss journalism, Colombia and the cocaine trade on this fascinating episode. And, most importantly, you can pre order Muse's book on Amazon. (

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