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On this week's episode, we discuss what it means to be a Bogotá City Councillor. Diego Laserna is a member of the Concejo de Bogotá for the Partido Alianza Verde and is up for re-election on 29 October.

Laserna tells us about the day to day work, issues of security and transport in Bogotá, about the mayoral candidates running for election (Galan, Oviedo, Bolivar, Lara, Robledo and Molano) and his thoughts on the outgoing Mayor, Claudia López and indeed of President Gustavo Petro.

What have been Laserna's successes over the past four years? What does he hope to do in the next four years?

Tune in to hear about A Day in the Life of a Bogotá City Councillor.

Check out Diego Laserna on social media @lasernabogota.

And tune in for the Colombia News Brief reported by journalist Emily Hart.

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