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Sep 21, 2023

Zero-Click iPhone Horror: Pegasus Spyware Attack Against Exiled Russian Journalist


In today's episode we dive and explore the alarming cyberattack that targeted an exiled Russian journalist through a zero-click iPhone exploit, leading to the deployment of the notorious Pegasus spyware. This incident sheds light on the escalating cybersecurity threats journalists face and the increasingly sophisticated methods employed by hackers.


🔍 Highlights:


An overview of the Pegasus spyware: what it is and who it's been used against. The vulnerability of iPhones and overview of common zero-click exploits used. The real-world impact on journalists and the broader implications for press freedom. Join us as we break down this incident, discuss its broader significance, and provide a developer's point of view of these threats.



Zero-Click Exploit Pegasus

 iOS Sandbox