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Exploit Brokers - Tech and Hacking News Commentary

Feb 1, 2024

Dive into the eye-opening world of cybersecurity as we dissect the recent cyber attack and Hacking Havoc that has plunged Fulton County into turmoil. Witness the frightening resemblance between fictional cyber threats depicted in shows like Mr. Robot and the stark reality facing our digital infrastructures today. This episode of Exploit Brokers takes you on a journey through the silent yet devastating impacts of cyber warfare. From communication breakdowns to complete operational shutdowns, understand the profound consequences of being unprepared in the digital age. 

We'll also delve into the technical depths, examining the vulnerabilities exploited and the urgent need for robust security measures. As we navigate through these unprecedented challenges, it's clear that the boundary between cinematic fiction and our digital existence is blurring. Join us in exploring the critical lessons from Fulton County's ordeal and the essential steps we must take to fortify our cyber defenses.

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00:00 Opener
00:48 Intro
01:19 Fulton Power Grid Attack
08:46 Jenkins Exploited Via CVE
15:33 Outro

Fulton County:
Jenkins PoC Vuln: