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Frieze Masters Podcast

Jan 24, 2023

Frieze Masters presents this conversation with Anthea Hamilton & Nicholas Cullinan in partnership with Studio Voltaire @studiovoltairelondon. Their conversation explores the trajectory of Hamilton’s work, the geopolitical basis of her identity as a ‘Londoner’ and how elements from the ‘fourth dimension’ shape her work. 

“We're actually functioning in a four-dimensional space, and I tried to think about what might be in the fourth dimension, if it's not just depth. And for me, those fourth dimensional things are emotions, power, wealth, and those are the kinds of things I think, which are shaping the practice as it kind of goes forward." Anthea Hamilton 

Anthea Hamilton @hamiltonanthea was born in London in 1978, where she lives and works. Her approach has often focused on extended study into archives, scientific research and popular culture combining these with resonant images and objects in unusual and surreal ways. Nicholas Cullinan @nicholascullinan is an art historian, curator and Director of the National Portrait Gallery in London. 

About the Frieze Masters Podcast 

Exploring themes of identity, originality, geopolitics and Blackness through a historical lens, the new Frieze Masters Podcast is now available. Bringing together some of today’s most celebrated artists, art historians and curators, the podcast launches with the Talks programme from the 2022 edition of Frieze Masters – one of the world’s leading art fairs – and offers compelling insight into the influence of historical art on contemporary perspectives and creativity.