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Frieze Masters Podcast

Nov 11, 2022

Frieze Masters presents this conversation with Tyler Mitchell & Zoé Whitley in partnership with Gagosian (@gagosian). Their conversation explores Mitchell’s new exhibition, Chrysalis, at Gagosian, and a special commission for this year’s edition of Frieze Masters that reflects on his conceptual and editorial photography practices. His work is rooted in reinterpreting the tropes employed in both the Western canon of portraiture and the contemporary fashion magazine. 

"Sitting at the metaphorical edges of these pictures is this idea of what was socially denied and what was not psychologically available to Black folks; this idea of hypervigilance and the ability to exist freely or not exist freely in public space, specifically in America. These works glean into that tone...Chrysalis is about cocooning away from the world." Tyler Mitchell 

Tyler Mitchell (@tylersphotos) is an artist, photographer and filmmaker based in Brooklyn. Zoé Whitley (@zoe.whitley) is Director of the Chisenhale Gallery, London, having previously worked as a curator for the V&A, Tate and Hayward Gallery. 

Find images of artwork discussed here.

About the Frieze Masters Podcast 

Exploring themes of identity, originality, geopolitics and Blackness through a historical lens, the new Frieze Masters Podcast is now available. Bringing together some of today’s most celebrated artists, art historians and curators, the podcast launches with the Talks programme from the 2022 edition of Frieze Masters – one of the world’s leading art fairs – and offers compelling insight into the influence of historical art on contemporary perspectives and creativity.