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New Techniques In Modern Practical Close Combat

May 9, 2024

Captain Dean Portis Love continues his tale of long-haired, teenage David Bowie’s abduction, and Dean’s recruitment (as the nation’s leading, long-haired, fighting teen) to lead Bowie’s rescue. With new fighting nuggets and thoughts concerning being a teenager.

Feb 16, 2024

Captain Dean reflects on his childhood goal of earning a free burger from McDonald’s for a report card “A” and how to choke an opponent by squeezing their thighs together for seventeen minutes, and other thoughts concerning being part of a community. 

Nov 10, 2022

Captain Dean Portis Love remembers an extraordinary Extraordinary Rendition carried out by the Special Forces team he once led and his first three broken hearts. Sprinkled herein are Attack Tidbits and Fighting Nuggets and thoughts concerning having a father with a wooden hand.