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The Soul Led Success Show

Jun 12, 2024

Welcome to the Soul Led Success Show. In this first episode of a special mini-series, we’re diving into the 7 key milestones from my 20k Month Roadmap. Over the next 7 episodes, I’ll share quick 10-minute insights into each milestone to help you understand the essential steps for achieving consistent 20k months in your online business. My roadmap and extended ebook encapsulates over 11 years of experience and lessons learned from working with thousands of online business owners and achieving impressive milestones myself.

So, whether you already have the roadmap and ebook in hand or are just joining us for the first time, there's something valuable waiting for you. Let’s kick things off with the first milestone - The Energetics Upgrade and mastering your entrepreneurial mindset. 

Here are the highlights:

(05:16) Mindset, energetics, and action are interconnected.

(06:54) Overcoming beliefs and fears to attract money.

(10:08) Helping clients maintain mental and physical health.

(13:27) Breathing exercises and dancing relieve stress.

(17:12) Next episode I’ll be sharing Milestone Number Two - The Offer Suite


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