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The Soul Led Success Show

Jun 5, 2024

Today, I'm diving into the topics you're curious about, responding on the spot with passion and authenticity.

As a manifesting generator, I thrive on this spontaneous interaction, ensuring that every answer comes straight from the heart.

This episode is particularly special as I tackle a provocative question about what I don't do that most successful business owners recommend.

Expect an honest exploration of breaking the rules, trusting your unique path, and the power of doing business your way. Tune in for insights that challenge the status quo and encourage you to embrace your individuality in business and life.


Here are the highlights:

(1:15) Why following a specific formula for success may not work for everyone.

(6:35) Work schedule, productivity, and self-care for entrepreneurs with ADHD.

(9:25) Struggling with visibility and consistency as an introvert.

(12:14) Pricing and integrity in business.



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