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The Unconstrained Podcast

Sep 26, 2021

Having spent a career as a software engineer, I encountered a world of problems in hundreds of different industries. I knew nothing about the industries at all, but what I did know was that a method to gather their needs, analyze them, design something to solve their needs and build to that design worked. We call that...

Sep 19, 2021

In this episode, Im going to address a question I have received numerous times in the past week Is Australia a totalitarian state? It is one of those episodes that I would have preferred not to record, but it is... well... complicated. I hope that people take this information for what it is - Im sure Ill upset some...

Sep 12, 2021

What if you decided to take the plunge, quit your job, be unconstrained, buy property in a far away land, and in the process of doing this, you get diagnosed with cancer? Well on todays show Im talking to my friend Ernie Baca, a US expat who lives in San Miguel de Allende, in which exactly this happened. Ernie will...

Sep 5, 2021

In this episode, I continue the ''Unconstrained Bill of Rights'' series to healthcare. Why those that don't have it, are seriously constrained and those that think they have coverage, may be right in line for the worst wake up call of their lives.