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The Break Down with Brodkorb and Becky

Nov 10, 2023

On this episode of The Break Down with Brodkorb and Becky, Michael Brodkorb and Becky Scherr are joined by Rep. Walter HudsonJohn Rouleau, and Preya Samsundar for analysis on Tuesday's election results and commentary about the third GOP presidential debate held on Wednesday in Miami, Florida. 

  • 00:01:47 - Duluth mayoral race.
  • 00:10:14 - City council elections in Minneapolis and St. Paul.
  • 00:22:32 - School board elections.
  • 00:38:05 - The third GOP presidential debate. Key moments? Who won?
  • 00:54:30 - Who will be the next GOP presidential candidate to drop out?
  • 01:01:30 - The Minnesota Supreme Court dismissed a legal challenge  - for now - to remove former President Donald Trump from the ballot in Minnesota. 

The Break Down with Brodkorb and Becky will return with a new episode next week.