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Tales from the Hearth

Aug 4, 2023

WARNING: Unedited 30+ minute podcast episode ahead. Also mention of blood from a paper cut. Because apparently this particular folk tale requires blood sacrifice. 

Welcome to the Storyteller's Workshop! For day one of the Storyteller Project, Lisette Alvarez conducted a collective tarot reading to inspire a new modern folk tale. By Monday, there will be a mini episode in this feed. Between now and then, however, you will get a mix of podcast episodes which include unedited workshopping, sample audio, and a trailer. That's because each day, Lisette will work for a set amount of time based on a part-time workload in their area. So this unedited episode? Didn't want to waste an hour there that could be put towards editing the final product. So you'll hear all the phone notifications, bumping of tables, ums and ahs and stutters. That's the messy work of the story sausage, my friend!

The decks used:

Tarot of the Divine by Yoshi Yoshitani

Next World Tarot by Christy C. Road

The final spread:

  • The nature of the main character(s): The Magician

  • The nature of the conflict: The Tower

  • The nature of the motivation: Strength

  • The antagonist: Ace of Cups

  • The allies/skills needed: The Chariot

  • What must be sacrificed: Seven of Cups

  • The message: Ten of Wands

  • A message from collective's shadow: Temperence

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