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Scouting Australia Podcast

Mar 12, 2023

Hold onto your hats because we're about to tackle one of the juiciest parts of Sammy Gordon's property investing portfolio like you have never heard before! In our first ever feature-length podcast episode, investors are truly going to see and hear what was the real turning point for Sam in his journey that led him to become one of Australia's leading property investors today. 
This episode is filled with heart-wrenching decisions including: Sam's first time selling a property, one of his biggest buys in property which set his portfolio for success and his love for a beautiful Australian country town.
If you want proof of why Sam is the man he is today and understand why Australian Property Scout practices what it preaches then lock yourself in for what is the best episode yet!
Wizardry Life Lessons - [1:00]
What this episode is about - [2:30]
-Sammy's biggest year yet 
-The recap
Set the scene - [6:30]
-Special forces
-The BA bastard 
-The engagement fee
-The truth
Why was this bloke so bad - [17:50]
Beginning of the Bull Shark - [19:00]
Why should you run? Risk mitigation - [21:20]
Roll with the punches - [23:50]
APRA's serviceability wall - [26:00]
Have you ever thought about selling - [27:40]
If nothing changes, nothing changes - [31:00]
-Losing profit because of inflation
-Power of getting debt back
Buying with one agent & selling with another - [32:00]
The next deal - [37:00]
-The negotiation
-The sacrifice
-Pressure situation
Working in & out of trusts - [44:00]
Was selling easy - [45:00]
-Building envelope
-The vision
The deal and valuation on the deal - [49:00]
Sammy's 'all in moment' - [52:00]
The turning point - [56:00]
-This is why the circle of influence exists
The gold - [1:00:00]
-The questions Sammy needed to figure out
-layering strategies
3 year window of growth - [1:03:00]
-The heatwave sex appeal
-Just waiting for a mate
The Italian job - [1:08:00]
The negotiation story of the decade - [1:12:00]
-Individual titling
-Fire rated gyprock 
-The balls of steel
MT Gambier BARGAINS - [1:19:10]
Be Transparent - [1:23:00]
Understand why your portfolio is specific to you - [1:27:00]
The recap - [1:29:00]
- the whole portfolio
Jimmy's takeaway from Sammy - [1:37:00]
Sammy's sign-off message to YOU - [1:39:00]

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