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Escaping Samsara

Jun 7, 2023

In this episode, we try to find out if the yogis and the Buddhists are describing the same thing when they talk about Samadhi. Are the paths aiming at the same experience but using different language to talk about it? Or are there deeper differences?

To find out, we host a conversation between Gregor Meahle and Leigh...

May 16, 2023

MC Owens is a Buddhist teacher, translator, and author who uses a sutra-based curriculum to teach the history, philosophy, and practices of Buddhism. He has taught in universities, colleges, monasteries, and a variety of unique venues including museums, teahouses and nightclubs.

Through Lotus Underground, MC Owens...

Apr 22, 2023

A little Ashtanga episode for your ear holes! Nothing I like better than a fine and geeky Ashtanga-based chat and what a privilege to do so with the raconteur himself, Russell Case.

Russell has been practicing and teaching Ashtanga yoga for more than 25 years. A humble and refined teacher, he was given Authorization...

Mar 22, 2023

Shaila Catherine is the founder of Insight Meditation South Bay, a meditation group in Silicon Valley, and also Bodhi Courses, an online Buddhist classroom. She has been practicing meditation since 1980, with more than nine years of accumulated silent retreat experience. She has taught since 1996 in the USA,...

Mar 20, 2023

Stu Girling is a yoga teacher, anatomy expert and author. He runs Love Yoga Anatomy online and on Youtube, and is the author of Illustrated Yoga Anatomy book. Thanks to everyone who sent in questions about yoga, ashtanga, avoiding injury and maintaining healthy bodies. 

We asked questions such as:

  • How to return to...