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Escaping Samsara

Dec 22, 2022

This is a second interview in our two-part special with yoga teachers Mary Taylor and Richard Freeman. In our first conversation we were primarily focusing on different aspects of the Yoga practice. Now in this episode we explore the relationship between Yoga and Buddhism. We look closely at the content of both teachings to understand how they intersect, whether they are talking about same or similar things just under different angles, what is the reason between different emphasis of those, as well as how both traditions can support each other if you bring enough curiosity and create a space for a dialogue.

Show notes

  • The relationship between Patanjali's 8 limbs and Buddha's 8 folded Path
  • Different ways of setting the stage for compassion to arise in the yogic and buddhist traditions
  • Yogic Samadhi vs. Buddhist Samadhi
  • Navigating the diversity of practices
  • References to Truth in Buddhism and Yoga, differences between solidifying authority vs. investigating authority
  • Don't know mind
  • The taste of Nirodha
  • Different emphasis on purification practices in yogic and buddhist traditions
  • Role of asana in buddhist schools and how the traditions come to communication in recent times
  • Thoughts on the common synergy of yogic asana practice with Vipassana style meditation between yoga practitioners
  • Pranayama, the sweetness of Kumbhaka and the right attitude

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