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The 98%

Jul 25, 2018

This episode is a bit over the hour mark but there's so much good stuff in it, particularly towards the end! This week Katie and Alexa speak to award winning director, Matt Holt, about various topics including the actor/director relationship, being on set, self tapes, the audition process through the eyes of a director...

Jul 11, 2018

A big issue for those in The 98% of actors is working for low or no pay. In this insightful and important episode Alexa and Katie speak to Emmanuel de Lange who is Equity's Industrial Organiser of Low and No Pay about how common this is, whether actors should accept it, how things can and should change and what steps...

Jul 3, 2018

A bonus episode where Katie and Alexa have drunk 2 bottles of prosecco, which is apparently enough for them to forget (even more so than usual) about the risk of putting your foot it in when talking openly about being an actor.

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What's the craziest thing you've ever done in an audition?...